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Truly you have out done yourself by creating this site, along with many other ones. I have read many of the things inside of changing minds, and I can definitely see myself growing from the inside out. Keep up the great work, it's really helpful for a lot of people!
Sarah Caciola(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your talent for all to enjoy! Your work is truly captivating. Especially to a neighboring New Yorker! I can't wait to pick out a piece for my new home. Congratulations on all your success Sean!
Jerry Munger(non-registered)
I find your work very inspiring. When I view some of your photos I can actually feel the emotion of being there and there is a true connection to your view of what you are trying to express . Just very enjoyable work.
Barbara Class(non-registered)
Wonderful collection of Vermont landscapes. The beauty and movement captured in your photography is amazing. Better in person at "Art in the Park". Thanks for capturing our State at its finest in every season.
Aunt Dee(non-registered)
Sean-your pictures are great!
April McDevitt(non-registered)
Oh my goodness, what an awesome site you've created. You know I've always been a huge fan of your B&W works, but now I have to be a fan of your color works as well. Can hardly wait to visit your booth at Art in the Park, Columbus Day weekend!
I just looked at your updates. The balloon festival pictures are just perfect. You must feel complete satisfaction when you look at what you've done. The monochrome section is just a work of art and you took complete advantage of your travels. The Southwest portfolio looks a magazine spread. I always enjoy looking at your work.
jerry munger(non-registered)

you should be doing photography for a living.
Great pictures....great composition and vision of what you see through the lense.
I really enjoyed going to your website.
sue turnbell varney aunt of michels from ohio(non-registered)
pictures are beautiful
Judith Spears(non-registered)
Sean your photographs are beautiful, I had forgotten how magical Vermont can be in any season. Thank you for sharing.
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